In this challenge, we are set on a voyage of exploration into deep things of life and ministry, and this experience would enrich your total life if you would carefully allow us together to peel the leaves one after the other. This is a journey for those interested in being a remarkable leader in their God ordained ministry.

As you may already know, being a leader has nothing to do with your title, rank and position. Leadership is a spirit you need to catch, a skill you need to develop, and catching it in this 21st century require that you do not chart or navigate the waters of ministry and life alone. You need a guide, someone who has the wherewithal to accompany you all the way – in pain, in joy and when stuck or stranded in this foray called life

As we all know, even in the world of professional sports where athletes who are at the pinnacle of performance, the top of their game, the best in the league, individual superstars – even for them, you won’t find a single one without a Coach and / or Consultant. Many times, the more of a superstar they are, the more individual Coaches and support staff will engage their time. The thinking is, you are already incredible with the talents you have, how much more awesome can you be with a little intentional guidance.

Research have shown that about 89% of pastors, ministers and church leaders are navigating the oceans of ministry and life alone. This has led many to waddle on into a puddle, sometime into a torrent and many into the tremulous sea of ministry unguarded and uncharted. The result sometime is mixed – not to bad, good and sometime even great. However, much of this might have been accomplished with burnt fingers, wounded heart and infliction of pain to those who are following trusting that we know what we are doing.

What Christian Leadership Coaching does for you and your Leadership ability is that it simply offers strategic and intentional guidance towards your goals. A focused tweaking, taking into consideration the abilities and talents already found within you and your organization. That is what makes it so special and relevant in this dynamic era we are.

The Christian Leadership Coaching experience is designed specifically around you, your goals, your life dynamic and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is totally unique to you. Nobody else will be coached like you, because nobody else has been called by God to do what you have been called to do in the community that you have been called to do it. We can approach your Leadership with a unique perspective and a unique set of goals designed just for YOU.

My prayer and Ministry is to partner with Leaders to help clarify, support and implement their God given vision for advancing the Kingdom of Christ.

I have Coached and Consulted with:

  • New Church Planters
  • Children’s Pastors
  • Youth and emerging young Pastors/leaders
  • Pastors that oversees more Churches/branches
  • Christian and Secular Executives
  • Organization and Ministry Team Leaders
  • Well Established Pastors and Churches
  • Experienced Corporate Executives and Consultants


It has been my privilege to see God use strategic Christian Leadership Coaching and Mentoring in a high impact way in the lives and Ministries of the leaders that I have partnered with. It has really been a blessing to collaborate with Ministry and Christian Business Leaders, and often times their Staff, to navigate through some tough terrain and have an opportunity to help them:

  • Get unstuck from their current position and overcome growth barriers.
  • Build their confidence in specific areas of Leadership and Team development.
  • Expand their vision for the future of their Ministry and for God.
  • Fulfill their dreams for the Ministry and feel safe coloring outside the lines.
  • Unlock their true potential as a Leader, friend and Ministry partner to others.
  • Increase their strategic skills, energy efficiency and personal organization.
  • Move through tough transitions, and various stages of life and Ministry.
  • Increase accountability and “push back” to their ideas and thinking.
  • Take strategic, practical and consistent action steps toward their goals & more


I know every leader prays for his Ministry or Organization to be healthy, vibrant and growing and I would love to be a part of that in the life of your Ministry or Christian Business. If you would just do me a favour and at least check out the information on this document.

There are some testimonials that we’ll share and you can be connected with some other Pastor’s and Ministry Leaders we’ve worked and partnered with if you like, and you can hear from them directly if they have found Coaching and Mentoring with me to be beneficial and worth their time and investment. Mentoring is imparting to you what God has given me. Coaching is drawing out of you what God has given you. This contrasts the impart from mentor to mentored that characterizes mentoring with coaching’s thrust of encouraging a coach to make their own choices and solve their own problems.

If you have been running the race for a while and are getting tired, frustrated, stuck in a slower gear than you want to be or maybe things are really good, but you have hit a stubborn wall somewhere, then I would suspect you could use some encouragement and support as you continue to find your way to where you are trying to go for the Kingdom labor and your life pursuits.

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