It is my pleasure to introduce to you the first cohort of The Coaching Network Group called THE DEEP COACHING MINDS. (DCM)

DCM is the vehicle that The Coaching Network employ from city to city to implement her vision, mission and purpose.

Being a City specific & inspired achievers forum, our focus is on “Making the Best of Me to Appear” {MBMA].

We have specific number of members we can take for each city for a start because we are focusing on Group Personal and Business Development that will help our members to transform to become ‘THE BEST OF U’ as we move forward.

In MBMA, we take our cue from the TCN vision, mission and core values – so we are:

  • Dreamers,
  • Critical Thinkers,
  • Audacious,
  • LifeLong Learners,
  • Smart Working,
  • Transparent,
  • Committed,
  • Progressive, and
  • Accountable.

Joining this group entails a lot of hard-work such as:

  • – Readings,
  • – Individual Work /Assignments,
  • – Syndicate Work Group ,
  • – Critical Reviews ,
  • – Case Study Analysis & Drawing Out Lessons for learning and practice in the field of endeavours Etc .


SACRIFICE: We would be asking you to get ready to pay a token for refreshment/meals/drinks and some hardcopy materials when necessary.

ACTION: If you are interested, please signify by completing the form below to join DEEP COACHING MINDS in your city or the one nearest to you. Remember, it is city based, but if your city is not too far from designated centre where you are placed, you may need to consider travelling time to get to the on-site meeting as scheduled.


NEEDED VIRTUES: Discipline, punctuality and full participation are core to your being fully integrated. This is the beginning of networking while we learn.

Welcome to a world of new insights and discoveries.