Executive Coaching

As your Executive Coach, I will partner with you to reach agreed goals that enhance your development; strengthen your performance; and better equip you for the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s leadership roles. In addition, drawing upon my past hands-on experience while in Senior leadership position in the corporate sector, I will provide you with the guidance, advice and coaching needed to drive yourself, your teams and your business to achieve extraordinary results – without sacrificing your personal priorities.

As you grow into more senior roles, the added responsibility often comes with increased complexity and pressure. Every decision seems to weigh heavier – and both the risks and rewards are greater. Without a proven path to follow, the journey can become very difficult. You need a trusted guide. I am here to help you!

I do this through a combination of One-on-One Meetings, Learning Assignments, Assessments, Feedback, Developmental Activities and Progress Reviews among others to build confidence, strengthen performance, and achieve results in your specific goal areas. While each challenge is unique, as your coach, I bring a blend of experience, insight and knowledge to help you navigate any situation.



  • 6 or 12 months – with many opting to continue coaching for several years
  • Typically 1-2 sessions per month (recommendation is 90 minutes per month)
  • Dedicated coach with hands-on senior leadership and business experience to guide your journey
  • Integration of best-in-class assessments to facilitate deep insights
  • Interviews with key stakeholders for greater perspective (boss, peers, mentors)
  • Access to library of tools proven over 25 years to drive focus, accountability and results



  • Self-Leadership: Prioritizing your own leadership and development so you can be at your best to bring your best to those you lead and serve
  • Team Effectiveness: Ensuring your team is aligned and focused on the right priorities and equipped to communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Organizational Impact: Positioning yourself and your team to consistently deliver results for all stakeholders and fulfill the purpose and mission of the organization