Performance Acceleration for Business Improvement [PABIM]

As an entrepreneur, teacher, and business coach, I have discovered that launching, growing, and scaling your business is not a piece of cake. Business is always evolving and changing especially during this 4th industrial revolution. So, business owners and leaders often wear many hats and spend too much time working IN their business and not enough time ON their business. They end up wasting precious time on what others should do [firefighting], while leaving the major things to suffer at the detriment of the overall growth of the business.

With this flagship course – Performance Acceleration for Business Improvement [PABIM], a proven system of business management that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders to major on major, while giving space for other leaders under them to major in minors. This system helps you achieve your top goals and solve your biggest problems while scaling your business – and giving you the needed time to do what you love to do – whatever that may be!

Oyewole has successfully worked with everyone from the startups, soloprenurs, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, iconic local businesses, and global giants using this PABIM System and straight forward approach for over 10 years helping businesses close the gap from where they were to where they want to be.

PABIM is proven process of inside out and top-down coaching [self, team, and group], that come along with rock-solid systems and feedback model and formula for sustainable business success for the long haul. Are ready to go from good to great, from barely getting by to profitable and growing business? Then, take advantage of the free business consultation with Dr. Oyewole below to discover for yourself the difference this system can make in your life and business NOW!



  • 6 or 12 months – with many opting to continue coaching for several years
  • How to set & achieve goals in your Business
  • Finding out the root cause of your business atrophy
  • Understand how to identify the root cause of all your business problems
  • The Steps to Accelerating your Business Improvement and Scale



  • Self-Leadership: How business owner can major in majors
  • Team Effectiveness: Team members are empowered to run the functions unhindered
  • Organizational Impact: Measure impact of the system at regular interval based the institutionalised processes.


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