Welcome to The Coaching Network (TCN) Group.

Our Vision:

To sustain an ongoing intentional conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out their potentials.

Our Mission:

– To promote and increase individual and professional well being.

– Develop sustainable improvement of key life competencies and behaviours that enhance discovery of potentials.

– We help leaders to think beyond their usual boundaries to expand their perspectives on how to be an effective leader in the challenging global and organizational context.

Our Core Values:

– Innovative thinking

– New Discovery/Insight

– Inquisitiveness

– Resilience

– Spirit of Leadership

– Professionalism


Our Coverage:

We cover both professional, career and spiritual areas of endeavours.

Our Personnel

We have certified coaches spread across 3continents that are involved. Also, on ground there are vibrant young and brilliant men and ladies who are dedicated to give you the linkages that would help you pursue your goals.

Our Processes:

We are going to be having one-on-one and one-to-team conversations covering so many areas that coachees are desirous of. Our means of communication shall be online (Calls, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, Facebook, Zoom) and face to face in specific locations as would arranged.

Our Focus

How to help people who have new year resolutions and goals (career, personal or spiritual development, business, finance, conflict issues, life challenges etc.) to actualise them through guided conversations that help people to explore and exploit potentials.

Coach Oyewole Sarumi, a member of ICF, who will be supported by a retinue of other credential coaches littered across 3 continents to ensure that your goals and purpose of joining this community becomes a reality.

You are welcome to a world of new insights and discoveries,


The following represents the snippet of the creed that TCN Community must embrace:

  1. You don’t need to pursue anything whatsoever that will hinder or take away your freedom.
  2. Be an individual, and especially TCNetworker, as there is freedom in your soul and go to places after due diligence, doing your own things without fear or favor.
  3. You are to mingle with people and enjoy the intercourse of life and relationships; while you strive to build bridges and linkages because it is who you know that will make you known.
  4. Please obey your conscience (once it align with the Holy Spirit dictates) and pursue conviction without seeking approval or commendation from man as long as you labor within the confines of the Spirit, law of the land and civility.
  5. Kindly cry your own cry the best way you can, and accept every encounter with its associated emotions while savoring every best moments. Whatever you want to share, TCN coaches are here to grant you a listening ear and heart.
  6. Do not be in competition with anyone so that you are not bothered or deterred by another person’s success.
  7. As the opportunity presents itself, be ready to celebrate laudable achievements of yourself and anyone in this community or outside of it.
  8. You must play the game of life with all the mastery within your reach knowing fully well that live and let live is the greatest commission of living.
  9. Don’t ever forget this: You are here for a purpose and fulfilling that purpose is the primacy of existence.

You are welcome to world of new insights and discoveries.